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Animal Print Theater In A Media Room

By Alyssa Davis

Your media room can be an open invitation for a multitude of style options and color palettes, depending on your budget and individual taste preferences. An animal print theater in a media room is a unique idea that looks very modern and stylish, and it can easily make this room a focal room in your home. Here are some tips for creating such theater design, in no particular order:

1. Animal Print Furniture

There are literally hundreds of retailers worldwide who offer various types of furniture with faux animal prints, whether you are looking for a stylish reclining seat or great sectional sofa for your media room. To keep things in a theater perspective, consider a solid black leather theater seating option. It coordinates perfectly with print options such as carpeting or draperies, but does not overwhelm the room in prints.

If you want something with such a print, consider something more understated, such as a reptile skin look. This is a modern and stylish decorating style, but the room will focus on the theater and media systems and not on the furniture and furnishings. There are a variety of faux animal prints to choose from, with everything from alligator to zebra.

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2. Basic Building Materials

Many modern and trendy design styles include faux animal prints on the floor, walls, and even the ceiling. Obviously, this is a case where less is more, and it is not a popular trend to add prints on every conceivable surface. Choosing one of the three basic building blocks – floor, walls, or ceiling – is the best option, and many different manufacturers make this possible.

For floors, consider a great animal print rug or carpet. They are very attractive and stylish, and having it on the floor lets the real focus stay where it belongs in your animal print theater in a media room-on the media equipment. For walls, a wallpaper or heavy drape with a print is easy to hang and functional. Ceilings can have the same option, animal print wallpaper, and this unconventional use of wallpaper is gaining popularity but can be tricky to achieve.

3. Accessories

The easiest and most cost-effective answer to your questions about how to design an animal print theater in a media room involves the right accessories. Whatever print you choose, whether it is leopard spots or zebra stripes, make sure that you accessorize in a manner that coordinates with the print. Multiple animal prints can lead to a chaotic, jungle-like feel in the room, taking away from the relaxing media environment.

Accessorize in solids, or match the animal to the print. For instance, if you are designing a zebra print theater in a media room, consider accessorizing in black and white with splashes of color. Then, add touches like a zebra statue or wall art that features a zebra’s natural habitat. That way, your design style flows together to create a cohesive room with the focal point being your media center instead of your design style for maximum affect in the room.

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