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Two Top Out Of Favor Selections For Investors

By Sam Subramanian

Certain industries or groups, at times, get hit hard providing venturesome contrarian investors opportunities to earn outsized profits. Contrary investors with the courage and conviction to get into automotive and retailing shares at the depth of the Great Recession have made it out like a bandit.

Fidelity Select Automotive Fund (FSAVX) and SPDR S&P Retail ETF (NYSE:XRT) are up 305% and 189%, respectively from their 2009 lows, while selected stocks in these groups like Ford (NYSE:F) and Saks (NYSE:SKS) are up 699% and 449%, respectively.

In this first part of this two-part article, I present two contrarian investment ideas in the current market.

Medical Device Stocks Top Medical Device Stock: Medtronic (NYSE:MDT)

Medical device stocks are among the weaker performers this year. iShares Dow Jones US Medical Devices ETF (NYSE:IHI) and Fidelity Select Medical Equip & Systems Fund (FSMEX) are both down 3% and 5%, respectively.

Business conditions for medical device makers have not been robust. High unemployment and rising insurance costs have caused patients to cut down on doctor’s visits. Leading medical device companies Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) and Stryker (NYSE:SYK) are reporting a slowdown in sales. Product safety-related recalls have weighed on shares of Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX). Price competition in the medical device business has heightened at a time when hospitals are implementing cost-reduction strategies.

If you believe patients cannot postpone the usage of medical devices forever and will return to the doctor, you can find plenty of opportunities in this space. Among the opportunities,

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industry heavyweight Medtronic trading at nearly 9-times next year’s earnings and yielding just under 3% stands out in my view


Historically, Medtronic has been adept at coming up with market-dominating products that have enabled the company to maintain profit margins in excess of 20%.

With $16 billion in annual revenue and $2.6 billion in free cash flow, Medtronic has the means to execute its strategy and grow its businesses by investing in research, developing new products, and making targeted acquisitions.

Natural Gas Stocks Top Natural Gas Stock: iPath DJ-UBS Natural Gas ETN (NYSE:GAZ)

Combination of slack industrial demand and rising production from shale formations has caused a glut in domestic natural gas supplies. The U. S. Energy Information Administration recently reported total natural gas storage of 3.1 trillion cubic feet (Tcf), nearly 6% above the 5-year average. The administration forecasts U. S. natural gas inventories to climb to over 3.7 Tcf approaching November 2009’s record of 3.84 Tcf.

The price of natural gas is down about 35% this year. Shares of natural gas producers have declined to a lesser degree. Anadarko Petroleum (NYSE:APC), Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:CHK), Devon Energy (NYSE:DVN), and EnCana (NYSE:ECA) are down between 11% and 17% each. Natural gas ETFs and mutual funds like First Trust ISE-Revere Natural Gas (NYSE:FCG) and Fidelity Select Natural Gas (FSNGX) are both down about 10%.

At current prices, natural gas is undervalued vis–vis coal. Given natural gas’s advantage of being a cleaner fuel than coal, electric utilities should feel compelled at some point to switch from coal- to natural gas-fired power plants.

If you believe the natural gas glut will prove temporary and that natural gas cannot remain this low forever, you are in good company. The oil titan Exxon Mobil (XOM) has made a massive wager on natural gas by buying XTO Energy for $41 billion. And, if natural gas does become the fuel of the future as Exxon thinks it will the price of natural gas may well exceed its 2005 record high earning you a 300% return.

With natural gas stocks not down nearly as much as natural gas,

I believe the best natural gas play is the commodity itself

. Easy ways to play the commodity is through ETNs like

iPath DJ-UBS Natural Gas ETN (NYSE:GAZ)


United States Natural Gas Fund (NYSE:UNG)


Before You join Contrarian Investors …

As attractive as medical device and natural gas investments are, they can go down further in the near-term. For one, some investors holding these shares through the decline may choose to recognize losses before year-end to minimize their capital gains taxes.


maximize your return

, you need to make sure that these groups have indeed bottomed and then get in on the action in a timely manner.

About the Author: Sam Subramanian PhD, MBA edits AlphaProfit MoneyMatters. He blogs on topics including

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Why The Pink Fhi Flat Iron Is A Unique Hairstyling Tool

By Brian John

Professional hairstylists like to improve their serve with hair styles that are on the cutting edge. They work very hard to provide their clients with the best hair care possible. One way that they do that is to use the FHI series of hairstyling irons.

The FHI styling irons are some of the best known hairstyling tools in the hair care business. They are considered second to none in the hair care world. Plenty of hairstylists swear by them.

One of those that the hairstylists use is the Pink FHI Flat Iron. Besides being the color pink, hairstylists like this styling iron because it only takes a few seconds (no more than 15) for it to heat up. This speeds up the process of styling the hair.

There’s no more waiting for 10 to 15 minutes for a styling iron to heat up. In addition to that, the temperature range can go up to 410 degrees in no time.

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What makes the Pink FHI Flat Iron work so well is the ceramic heater that is embedded in the plates, which are also ceramic. The ceramic plates use far-infrared heat that straightens the hair. This helps to seal and protect the hair cuticle. It also prevents substantial damage to the hair and works to make it healthy.

The Pink FHI Flat Iron also has an automatic sense control. This feature works as a heat recovery agent. Each time you use the iron for a section of your hair, the heat comes back to the ceramic plates. This process continues from the beginning to the end of styling the hair.

Professional hairstylists prefer the Pink FHI Flat Iron because they don’t have to wait to dry the hair before they can use it. The hair can be damp and this styling iron will still work to make it straight. How it works is the hair glides down between the ceramic plates. What this does is it forces the humidity out and keeps the style in place.

This styling iron works with negative ions to keep moisture in the hair. The negative ions also work to keep the hair conditioned well. The nano technology works to get rid of any toxins, bacteria or chemicals that can harm or damage the hair in any way. As a result of this process, the hair comes out shinier and healthier. It also has a soft texture to the touch.

For women that have color in their hair, it will stay longer because of the moisturizing effect from the styling iron. Even if the hair is highlighted, it will look better when you use the iron.

Hairstylists love this styling iron because it provides flexibility as far as hair styles go. With the beveled edge, the hairstyles can range from curly, flat or flipped. The styles can change from day to day. The beauty of the Pink FHI Flat Iron is that there are different hair style options.

Hairstylists and others that use this unique styling iron will stand out not only because of the pink color, but also because it’s a leader in hair care technology.

About the Author: Brian John is a featured author for a popular hair product manufacturer’s website, FHI Heat Inc. Find excellent informational articles written by Brian regarding all types of specific hair products such as flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons, and much more. For more information regarding the

Pink FHI flat iron

, visit today.


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Online Diabetes Supplies The Fast And Easy Way To Get What You Need

Submitted by: Max Buddenbrock

Every diabetic knows the importance of obtaining their diabetes supplies in a timely fashion. This is because these supplies are critical to their health and survival. A reliable resource for obtaining discount diabetic supplies online can be of great benefit to someone who suffers from this condition.

Diabetes prescriptions and supplies cost sufferers thousands of dollars each year, which makes it extremely important to find the most competitive pricing for the products they need. Exactly what are the benefits of buying discount diabetic supplies online, and what should you look for when evaluating online diabetes suppliers?

Benefits of Buying Diabetes Supplies Online

In the not so distant past, most diabetics relied primarily, if not solely, on pharmacy shops in their local community. Thanks to the internet, more diabetes supplies choices are available via online sources. Here are some of the benefits of buying diabetes supplies online:

1. Ability to shop for discount diabetic supplies right from home online without having to leave the house, which saves fuel, time, and hassle.

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2. Ability to comparison shop easily for the best prices on diabetic equipment and supplies. Don’t forget to compare not only product prices, but shipping costs as well.

3. Convenience of shopping at any hour of the day or night, and on any day of the week.

4. Better selection and variety is generally available in online stores; local pharmacy shops are often limited in the inventory they are able to carry which means items often must be special ordered.

What to Look for When Choosing a Diabetes Product Supplie

There are some important things to consider when purchasing discount diabetic supplies on the internet. If you are safe and cautious in how you shop online, most problems can be avoided and there are many savings to be had.

1. Give the website a good going over. Make sure contact information is posted, and call the telephone number to make sure it is valid.

2. Do internet searches to flag any possible complaints or issues with a specific company.

3. Make sure all products you are considering for purchase are FDA approved and well within the product expiration date.

4. If you have insurance that covers your diabetes supplies, seek a reputable supplier who will ship the supplies directly to you and bill your insurance company for you.

5. Many online diabetes suppliers give discounts for repeat orders, which can result in even more savings.

6. Recurring shipments is another feature of many providers of discount diabetes supplies. For items you use repetitively, you can avoid the hassle of remembering to order them regularly, and you are always assured of having your items when you need them.

Living with diabetes is challenging enough without having to worry about the availability of needed supplies and finding them at the best possible prices. Shopping with a company sympathetic to your needs and offering features and conveniences to make your life easier is the type of diabetic supplies provider you want to deal with, and the ability to purchase your medical supplies online has never been easier.

About the Author: Mini Pharmacy Online Diabetes and Medical Supplies

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