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Hot Stone Therapist: What To Look For

By Chris Turley

It is true that even if you are in the most luxurious spa in the world with the most expensive kinds of hot stones and massage supplies, without a proficient therapist, all of these are futile. Indeed, there is nothing like a professional and skillful massage therapist to give you the best kind of hot stone therapy.

Sadly, it is not a cinch to find the therapist who will give you this. Not only does it take time for you to search for one, it may also take some time for you to build a good relationship and rapport with your therapist.

To help you find a good hot stone therapist, here are some things you need to look for. A good massage therapist must

1. have certification or license. This is one of the foremost things you need to ask your therapist before engaging in service. This is to make sure that he or she is indeed a certified therapist that is knowledgeable on the rudiments of massage, and to avoid frauds that proliferate in the society today.

2. have undergone intensive training specifically on hot stone therapy. It is not enough that a therapist has undergone training in another area of massage. Hot stone therapy is a complicated form of massage that requires rigorous education.

3. have extensive experience on hot stone massage. This way, you can find out if the therapist has sufficient skills and experience to provide you the kind of massage experience you are looking for.

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4. have been recommended by family and friends. It is always a good idea to ask around people closest to you about therapists they have tried and will highly recommend. This makes sense since it is always easier to trust people you know than advertisements. You can also get a referral from your doctor since doctors often recommend massage therapy as a part of medical treatments.

5. have a current city-issued permit.

6. know the rudiments about this style. Ask the therapist things you want and need to know about hot stone therapy and he or she should be able to answer you with enough confidence. Do a background research prior to this so you know that the therapist is telling you the truth and not just toying with your mind.

7. ask you about your medical history and current health condition prior to the session.

8. discuss and explain with you the whole process of the therapy before the session. The therapist should be willing to answer any questions that you may have.

9. check on your personal preferences and make the necessary adjustments to cater to your needs.

10. be professional. Whether it is in the way the therapist dresses or interacts with you, decency and professionalism should be practiced at all times.

11. have a complete set of hot stone therapy supplies.

12. have a sanitary and orderly massage environment.

13. always make you feel comfortable.

With these tips, it will not be too difficult to find the right therapist who will always give you a wonderful kind of massage experience.

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