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Gratitude Journal: Attracting Abundance And Prosperity By Expressing Appreciation And Gratitude In Writing.

By Elisabeth Kuhn

Keeping a gratitude journal can be a key part of living a happy and prosperous life.

How so? Acknowledging all the things, events, and people we appreciate will quickly get us out of the ‘whining’ mode and right into ‘happy’ mode, increasing our vibration. And with that, we’ll begin to draw more of the things we’re already happy about.

The law of attraction says that whatever we focus on we draw to us. And if you have ever any doubts about that, just give it a try.

Ever notice how your days go from bad to worse as you grumble and resent all the things in your life that make you miserable – or that you THINK make you miserable.

We won’t get into justifications here. It’s clear enough that if you think enough about them, that’s where you’ll stay, and that’s what you’ll keep getting. So what if somebody else had a hand in it? Do you really want to give them the satisfaction of successfully making you miserable too?

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You can turn things around. Express appreciation. In writing. For the unlikeliest things. The only condition: you must find a way, any way, to actually feel some appreciation.

One of my favorites: I forgot who it was, but in response to tough times, someone said he would give thanks for the challenges that make life such a growth experience. Oh, look, another growth experience! Thank you! So let’s give thanks for all the learning lessons that bless our lives.

But it doesn’t just have to be challenges. Sometimes the simple things, the things that we normally take for granted, work just as well as objects of our appreciation. Did you have a good meal today? Or yesterday? Are there people in your life who would miss you if you were gone? People you would miss? Express gratitude.

Can you see? Hear? Walk? Talk? Express gratitude. Is today a beautiful day? Did the sun appear when it was supposed to? Express gratitude.

Do you own or have access to something, anything, you enjoy? A book, a CD, a piece of clothing or jewelry (no fancy metals and minerals required)? Express gratitude.

Chances are there are many things that deserve to be written into your gratitude journal. And why write them down? There’s something about the writing process that makes things so much more real. You’ve probably read all about the power of written-down goals. Well, gratitude, especially as a path towards greater prosperity and abundance, works the same way.

Then watch what happens. Your vibrations will go up. You’ll feel happier. Things start working better. Maybe some new signs of prosperity come very quickly, maybe they’ll take a while.

Either way, you can be assured that as long as you keep grumbling, you’ll keep swatting any incoming signs of prosperity away like flies. So stop grumbling and welcome all the good that’ll be flowing into your life.

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5 Ways A Cheating Spouse Fails To Cover Their Tracks

Submitted by: Tim Denio

While affairs thrive on secrecy, a cheating spouse commonly gets complacent about the affair and fails to cover their tracks after the initial period.

While in the beginning of cheating on their spouse, he or she will exercise a lot of caution in the way they behave and pay a lot of attention to hiding each and every clue, with time the efforts to conceal the affair become reduced.

This happens partly because it takes a lot of effort to keep every little detail under wraps, and partly because with each passing day the cheating spouse gets more and more comfortable with the double life and feels they do not need to worry about you finding out.

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The following are five ways some one having an affair fails to cover their tracks, and how it works to your advantage in helping to unravel the truth.

A new cell phone – In our modern times it is virtually impossible to ignore the importance of phones as a link between a cheating spouse and his or her new lover. Sometimes, in order to avoid any trouble or overlap the unfaithful spouse will purchase a new phone to communicate with the other person, of course all the while giving some flimsy excuse that they bought it for some work or business reasons.

Man…you smell like a woman – While your husband is caught up in hugging another woman, there is very little chance he will realize that his lovers perfume is sticking to himself and his clothes. Have a whiff of his clothes when he comes home and changes his clothes. Of course do so discretely unbeknownst to him.

Cat get your back? – While your man is engaged in passionate lovemaking, sometimes his lover may leave scratches on his back. He will neither be aware of this, nor be able to see any marks she may left on him. There is virtually no way he can make up an excuse which is plausible to explain those marks, unless he spend the day wrestling with the neighbors cat!

Credit card bills and cash withdrawals – The paper trail in an affair is probably one of the most easy to find an incriminating bit of proof you can find. Look for unexplained charges on the credit card and make a note of it. The same goes for any unusual cash withdrawal slips for out of the ordinary amounts. A further hidden clue in any ATM slips is to make a note of the location for the withdrawal. Is it a place where your spouse would normally be during the course of his day?

The clues in receipts – With a new lover in hand, a cheating spouse will usually end up spending generously on their lover. Whether it be jewelry, dinners, flowers…or hotel rooms. Look for any unusual receipts you can find by rummaging through his wallet, when you can do so in privacy.

When looking for the above clues, make sure you take every precaution to look for them discretely, and do not engage in any confrontation before you’ve gathered a multitude of proof.

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Female Body Piercing Jewelry

Female body piercing jewelry


Jamie Hanson

Presently, people wish to appear chic and even smart. In addition to donning great and even labeled clothes in addition to stylish add-ons, body piercing jewelry is a most popular option by that you can increase grace to your style. Body piercing looks wonderful and even right option to embellish your exquisite body parts with distinctive body piercing jewelry obtainable greatly in the market. Though, the process of piercing is very sore, but you ought to pay a price to appear exquisite. If you genuinely wish to amaze your pals and even family members, you can get body piercing jewelry which is reasonable and even effortlessly obtainable in the market. You look smart, feel convinced and even have a exclusive feeling as you know you are up with the trend. Fashion is not only confined to models, superstars and even celebs, but anybody can be in vogue and even look stylish. All you ought to have is the proper design of dressing that suits the body jewelry you wear. Therefore, body piercing jewelry is in great demand as simply no female desires to be behind.

Piercing nose and even ears was popular thing sooner, but presently, girls pierce their upper lips, eye brows, belly button and even tongue also! This really looks amazing, but girls have gone a step ahead to flaunt their taste. Today are you attracted to appear extremely cool by piercing body parts and even donning a fine piece of body piercing jewelry? In case yes, go forward as you shouldn’t be left out of the race. Fashion does matter much and even it helps you increase your beauty. A fashionable woman appearance confident and even works to perfection as she is careful that she understands that she is donning the best clothes and even add-ons that are in fashion. All you really need to do is go to the web and even look about for the most exquisite body piercing jewelry that is obtainable in any online fashion jewelry store. Yet, you ought to find for the most trusted jewelry retailer out there as you will be investing a enormous sum in case you are intending to get gold or diamond jewelry. Thus decide on the proper thing and even pay the proper cost as it’s the matter of your hard earned cash.

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Earrings, nose-rings, eye rings, belly button rings and even various other rings for female’s private body parts make her appear extremely in vogue and even trend setter. Therefore, a woman can get body piercing accomplished on various parts of body. Amongst all others, belly button rings are the most common body piercing as it shows your alluring waist with the jewelry on it. With low waist jeans and even a tank top, you can appear hot with the belly button clinging over your exquisite waist line. Body piercing jewelry is obtainable in a extensive variety of sizing’s, hues, shapes, patterns and even metals in order to go well with every desire. You can decide on any of these to complement your dressing style and to increase style to your stylish looks. It will certainly give you a feeling of completeness because now you have adorned your exquisite body to perfection. Just search all over for the best piece of body piercing jewelry and even flatter all around you. You can either get a precious piece or a semi precious piece of body piercing jewelry, it all relies upon on your style and even capital.

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A Look At Various Types Of Sterling Silver Clasps

By Melanie Spark

When you look at a necklace or a bracelet, one of the first things that you probably notice is the flow of the design. Believe it or not, a clasp is more than just a functional device used to fasten your jewelry. In fact, it’s very much a part of the overall design and can be a very important focal point. This article will attempt to explain the various types of sterling silver clasps and how each one differs from the others. Why is this important? Quite simply, because a clasp is in many ways the most important finding on your jewelry because it keeps it securely in place.

Spring-Ring Clasp. This type of clasp is one of the most common, and is typically used for light to medium weight jewelry accessories. A spring-ring clasp is round in its design and features a small tip, which controls the opening and closing of the spring.

Lobster Claw Clasp. This type of clasp is also one of the more traditional styles found in bracelets and necklaces, but it is generally reserved for heavier styles that may need a little added strength. From the side, a lobster claw clasp will give the appearance of a teardrop shape, and is controlled by a tip that opens and closes the spring in the clasp. Because the lobster claw clasp is reserved for heavier styles, it is also a more expensive finding and adds value to the piece.

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Toggle Clasp. A sterling silver toggle is a narrow piece of sterling silver, which is typically designed in the shape of a bar, which is then pushed through a sterling loop to act as a fastener for your necklace or bracelet. The toggle clasp is one that is both expensive and attractive, which makes it an important focal point for any jewelry accessory. Unlike the lobster claw or spring-ring clasps, a toggle clasp is not controlled by a spring. Instead, it is secured when the bar is pushed through the ring.

Slide Insert Clasp. This type of clasp is designed exactly as it sounds in that it features a box-like shape that is hollow on the inside. To secure a sterling silver slide insert clasp, the wearer will slide the nearly-flat tab into the box until it clicks, which indicates a secure closure. On some pieces of jewelry, a slide insert clasp will be accompanied by a side safety catch, which will add strength to the clasp of your necklace or bracelet. These types of clasps are often reserved for the most expensive styles in jewelry.

Magnetic Clasp. In recent years, the popularity of the magnetic clasp has soared to an amazing level. The convenience of a quick and easy way to secure jewelry while not having to fuss with a traditional clasp, which can be difficult if you have long fingernails, arthritic hands or certain other mobility challenges, is an attractive feature to many accessories. A magnetic clasp relies on a strong internal magnet, which works to pull both ends of the clasp together. In most cases, a magnetic clasp is used for light to medium weight jewelry pieces, which will not put excessive stress on the magnet.

Now that you know more about each individual type of sterling silver clasp, you can make an informed decision as to which will best suit your needs in terms of both wear and durability.

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