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Lie Detection Trapping A Liar

By Steve Gillman

Lie detection may start with watching for signs of lying in a person. But sometimes you have to do more than just listen and watch. Sometimes you have to trap a liar. Here is one of the many ways to do that.

Lie Detection – Introduce An Assumption

This is a common trapping technique. Here is the essence of it: When you suspect a person of lying about some activity, you make a statement that assumes some possible fact or facts, so that the person’s confirmation of these facts provides evidence of a lie.

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For example, suppose that when you ask, your boyfriend says he was at home the previous night. You suspect that he was actually at his favorite bar. You ask and he claims he didn’t go out. Knowing which streets he would have to drive on to get there, you say, “But I drove right by you on Second Avenue last night.” In other words, you just assume that he was on that street.

If he was out, and he drove that way, he’ll probably quickly make an excuse, like “Oh yeah, I did go out to get some groceries.” If he was telling the truth all along, he’ll just assume you are mistaken, and tell you so. If he guesses that you are unsure, he may just lie again, in which case you might try another lie detecting technique.

The idea here is to think of any facts that fit the scenario which you suspect is the truth. For example, if you think your child snuck out of the house in the night and she denies it, you could say, “But I looked and you weren’t in bed last night.” If she was in bed, she will say so, and you can cover yourself by saying something like, “I guess you were under the blankets.”

Suppose you think an employee is lying about being home sick the previous day. Using this lie detection technique, you might say you drove by his house and noticed his car was gone. If he was lying, and he takes your bait, he’ll likely say something like, “Oh. I had to go out for medicine” – a pretty good indication that he was lying (unless it just happens to be true coincidentally). Otherwise, he’ll insist that his car was there, and you can say you must have been looking at the wrong house.

You always have to gauge the person’s response. An obvious or fumbling attempt to find an excuse obviously indicates a lie. A long pause also likely indicates that the person is trying to find a plausible story to fit the facts which you “obviously” know.

If your “facts” or assumptions are wrong, most people will quickly say so. Of course in that case, it is easy to say that it was a simple mistake on your part. That is one of the advantages of this lie detection technique – you don’t risk much by trying it.

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Splendid Champagne Diamonds To Cherish Life Long

Splendid Champagne Diamonds to cherish life long


Kitty Perry

Champagne diamonds as the name indicates colored diamonds that are shady brown in color. Champagne diamonds are natural colored diamonds which are found only at few places around the world. They contain these natural colors due to the immense pressure and deformities under the earth’s surface. Champagne diamonds were first discovered in Argyle mine in Australia. These diamonds are also known as brown diamonds due to their light brown color. The colors of the champagne diamonds vary based on the impurities that are contained in it. Champagne diamonds are classified in Type II colored diamonds category.

Let us study the classification range of colored diamonds

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The diamonds that contain external non diamonds sources or integrated impurities such as nitrogen or brown rock are classified in Type I colored diamonds category. Nitrogen is most common form of impurity that is readily found in colored diamonds. Nitrogen itself is also responsible for production of Yellow and Orange Diamonds.

The diamonds which are classified in Type II colored diamonds category are those diamonds that have a problem with the crystalline lattice. This deformation occurs during the course of the development of the diamond. Powerful pressure down the earth is also responsible for such deformation of the crystal lattice. This crystal lattice deformation in turn results in dispersing lights and thus creating red, pink brown and champagne diamonds as the final product.

Champagne diamonds are classified based on the intensity of the color scheme ranging from light champagne to rich cognac. These diamonds are the most valued due to their sparkling brown shades. Champagne diamonds are one of world most desirable colored gemstones.

Two of the most famous champagne diamonds in the world are The Earth Star and the Golden Jubilee. The massive 248.9 carats Earth Star diamond was cut into a bizarre 111.59 carat rich cognac pear shape.

The Earth Star is still one of the most significant diamonds of its category on the earth. The second that comes into the champagne diamonds category is the Jubilee diamond which has a yellow brown champagne shade color and is widely the most desirable and perceived diamond ever.

Champagne diamonds were initially discovered in Argyle mine in Australia so they are also popularly known as Argyle diamonds. As soon as they were discovered they were everywhere round the globe. These diamonds readily availability makes them more affordable when compared to whitish clear diamonds. They have now become an easy affor4dable alternative to white diamonds.

Since their discovery, the Argyle mine has been a primary source of champagne diamonds for thw worldwide jewelry market. The figures over the world show that 95% of the champagne diamonds for sale globally are derived from the Argyle mine in Australia. As increasing demand in the global markets the supplies are seemingly running out. And since no additional supply of the champagne diamonds has been discovered, the desire for champagnes keeps on increasing day by day. Increasing demand makes champagne diamonds more rare and expensive.

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What Are The Causes Of Yeast Infection In Women?

By Jane Symms

Some yeast can be found harmlessly inside our bodies but when they grow and multiply, they become a yeast infection. It is necessary to know the causes of yeast infection and how it affects you so that predominately preventive measures can be taken. There are mainly three things that can make you susceptible to yeast infections.

First, during pregnancy, your increased estrogen level causes your vagina to produce more glycogen, making it easy for yeast to grow there. Yeast infections are very common in pregnant women, especially during the second trimester. This type of yeast infection is hard to prevent, as the causes of yeast infection in pregnancy is natural. However, you can help by wearing loose fitting, cotton underwear, avoid taking baths and limit your intake of sugary food as yeast needs sugar to grow.

Second is by taking antibiotics. As stated earlier, there are many yeast organisms present in our bodies, which are not harmful. Bacteria also live inside our bodies, which is essential to our health and is usually harmless. The presence of yeast and bacteria inside our bodies should be maintained in balance with one another. Taking antibiotics might kill the bacteria, which allows the yeast to grow rapidly, thereby causing yeast infection. It is important to maintain the balance of yeast and good bacteria in our body so that we can prevent the growth of infections. Therefore, it is advisable to only take antibiotics when it is strictly necessary.

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The third common cause is sexual intercourse. Semen is more alkaline than vaginal fluids. Which causes the production and growth of yeast. During sexual intercourse, some internal tissues can become irritated and inflamed, leaving them susceptible to infection. Some birth control devices that contain spermicide can also cause irritation. The use of prophylactics during intercourse can also increase irritation as they are usually coated in spermicide.

There are other factors that might affect your vaginal balance. Stress can be a contributing factor. If a person is stressed your immune system becomes compromised, which invites the growth of yeast. Staying clean is an important factor to fight the production of yeast inside our body. If someone has a high carbohydrate intake like alcohol and refined sugars, this creates the perfect environment for yeast growth. A diet high in sugary foods can lead to Diabetes, which in turn is another cause of yeast infection. Clothing is another source of irritation and can encourage forms of fungal growth. Non-ventilating clothing increases warmth and moisture, the ideal breeding ground for yeast to reproduce rapidly.

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