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How To Host A Most Fabulous Olivia The Pig Birthday Party

By Thor Hanso

Olivia the Pig is a wonderful story about a very special, imaginative and talented little pig. The Olivia the Pig books were created (written and illustrated) by Ian Faulkner for his niece. The stories revolve around Olivia who is a small pig with always up for an adventure and who has a large imagination. At the age of six she has already been an opera singer, circus performer and ballet dancer.

One of the unique things about the Olivia books series is the fact that they are illustrated with limited color. This allows the author to express his ideas without the use of excessive color. The original books only had red, black and white as the colors while new books in the series have added a single color per story. This is important for when you are decorating the venue for your party.

Your Olivia the Pig party decorations should follow this same color theme. This means using only red, black and white as the colors. If your child has a favourite color that they would like added that would be ok too. However, don’t go overboard with this color and use it only to emphasize certain things. A few decoration ideas include red, black and white helium balloons. You can group them together by tying the strings together to create a clump of 3-6 balloons be sure to only include 1 black balloon in a clump though as black tends to overpower the other colours.

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A great way to decorate your party venue is also to decorate the guests. When each child (and adult) walk in the door give them a red feather boa, white shirt and pig ears. These can all be found at your local dollar store or party supply outlet and are very inexpensive but can create a very stunning effect. In fact, you will probably want to take a picture of all the decorated guest (in a group shot) to add to the party favour packages or thank-you cards.

Finally, don’t forget to decorate the walls. A fun way to join the decorations with the party games is to make the kids decorate the walls. Simply tape a few large pieces of paper to the wall and give the kids black, red and 1 other color crayons. Tell them that they must be the featured artist at this venue and that you need a great drawing to capture the moment! Then sit back and watch what they create. After the party you can either give them their drawing or take a photo and include it in the thank-you cards!

Once the decorations are set you’ll need to consider the birthday cake, games and activity and the party favours. A simple but important tip with party favours is to write each child’s name on their party favour box. This stops them from losing their gift bags during the party!

Remember, a kids birthday party is all about fun. Don’t forget to leave a little time for free-play where they can do whatever imagination, drawing or playing that they want.

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