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How To Find A Niche That Attracts Buyers!

By Mark Persaud


How to find a niche is a question which all new affiliate marketers ask themselves. It really depends on the methods you have chosen to promote your product. For example, choosing an audience for auto-blogging is different from choosing one for article marketing. Read on to discover how to find a niche which will attract a steady stream of quality visitors to your sales pages?


Your job is to align an audience with a product that benefits them. Therefore, finding the right audience is more important than choosing the product as there are plenty of products available for each market. Finding specific markets doesnt need to be time-consuming; the whole process can take less than an hour.


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The Open Directory Project has been around since 1998. It is also known as DMOZ — short for Directory Mozilla Organization. You can access thousands of categories providing ideas to build your campaigns.

Visit Google Trends. Google releases the top 100 trends in the Hot Trends section everyday. You can also receive historical and seasonal data too. If you use one of these ideas you may need to act quickly as they are popular items to promote!

Check out a consumer demand index. This will show you exactly what people are shopping for. Here you’ll have access to thousands of products and audiences.

The Dummies Series are a very popular series of books. People buy them. Visit their website and see what folks are buying and then choose an audience!


Now that you have a general idea about the people you will target it is very important to do keyword research; especially for article marketing. You can use Google’s free keyword tool if you need access to one. Start with a broad keyword related to your audience and then dig down deep until you find the specific market you want.

You want to end up with a long-tailed keyword which is not too competitive but will still draw traffic to your landing page and make you sales. You also need to follow-up by checking if there are available products to promote for this market.


There is a fair amount involved in marketing on-line. You can set up campaigns for free and I definitely encourage people who are on a tight budget to utilize all of the free materials available on the internet. However, for those of you that can afford to join a training facility because it will save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run.

Learning how to find a niche takes some practice but it is a skill which anyone can develop. The internet is much bigger than anyone can imagine and the markets are endless. The best thing to do is just to dive in head first and give it your best shot. You’ll be amazed at how much you will learn along the way and before you know it you’ll be teaching others how to find a niche too!

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How to find a niche

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How To Find Exciting And Original Birthday Gifts For Him

Submitted by: John Smith

Struggling to find perfect birthday gifts for him? Sick and tired of the same old, same old? Would be a stainless steel hip flask engraved with your special message? Imagine – his own uniquely personalised Hip Flask! This stunning gift can be engraved with your message of up to fifty characters for a truly personal present. The hip flask has a capacity of four ounces and features a secure screw top cap. It’s an original and thoughtful gift, ideal for husbands, partners, brothers or boyfriends! A hip flask is a thin flask for holding a distilled beverage; its size and shape are suited to a trouser pocket. The hip flask is popular as commemorative item, often being engraved.

The Modern Drunkard Magazine describes the engraved flask as the best present one can give “and it better have something in it”. The engravings may be short quotes, the recipient’s initials, toasts or signs of friendship. The engraving may also be a date for a memorable occasion. The hip flask began to appear in the form recognised today in the eighteenth century, initially used by members of the gentry. However, less compact versions had been in production for several centuries. Notably, in the middle ages, there are several accounts of gutted fruit being used to store liquor.

During the eighteenth century, women boarding docked British warships would smuggle gin into the ship via makeshift flasks, created from pig’s bladders and hidden inside their petticoats. Following the act of prohibition in 1920s America, the state of Indiana banned the sale of cocktail shakers and hip flasks. Antique hip flasks, particularly those made of silver, are now sought-after collector’s items.

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The hip flask appears frequently in comedy, in part because it allows drinking in inappropriate situations where a bottle would not be found. In the Royal Air Force, “hip-flask” is used as code for a revolver. A novel yet historic birthday gift for him, is it not?

Alternatively, send the man’s man on a 4×4 Extreme course at Silverstone, and give him a day of extreme off-roading and a day he’ll never forget! There is no vehicle on earth to match the extraordinary power of the Defender; it will do whatever you ask of it – and more. Silverstone’s challenging purpose-built, off-road course combines steep gradients, big drops and deep water, demanding his full attention as he navigates a tricky obstacle course. It may be slower than walking pace at times, but precision handling and rock solid nerves are definitely required. He will begin his experience with an in car safety briefing, accompanied by a demonstration lap from the instructor. Then it’s into the driving seat as he puts his new-found skills to the test. He may also bring two passengers to ride with him in the car, so the birthday gift for him gets to be witnesses by friends and or family as well! What a unique and fun gift to give!

For an outdoor adventure that will simply make him laugh his socks off, tell your man to hang on for a thrill ride in a Powerboat Zapcat Blast. When he arrives to participate in his birthday gift, he will be given a safety briefing and kitted out with a drysuit and boots. The action begins by a speedy trip out of the bay by the RIB. Then it is on to the main event – the Zapcat. These twin hulled light weight catamarans, designed originally for surf rescue, are now redesigned for short course offshore powerboat racing. All of the Zapcats are the race ready versions, capable of pulling in excess of 2G in a turn; with a power to weight ratio of 340 bhp per tonne, the acceleration is explosive so get him to hang on tight! The total experience lasts approximately three hours and the experience provides him with almost two hours out on the water on a 10.5m 225HP RIB and a Zapcat. Surely a birthday gift for him to beat all birthday gifts?

Last but not least, give him a great opportunity to try out an exhilarating sport – Clay Shooting. What starts out as an addictive hobby quickly becomes a competitive sport. It’s not surprising that clay pigeon shooting is one of the country’s fastest growing sports. If your man has never shot before, this activity gives him an introduction to the sport of formal clay shooting. If he already shoots, the hour will be based around his requirements and will be tailor-made by the Chief instructor, so that he can use the time effectively to brush up on his techniques.

Now don’t say you never know what to give him as a birthday gift, as we’ve proven that there are just so many Gifts and activities for him to experience and enjoy. Go ahead; put a huge smile on his face.

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Tissue Culture

Tissue culture



The cultivation of the mixture is a technique based on placing a piece of plant in a container helped with nutrient solutions and artificial hormones vegetable or able to propagate in a sterile environment, ie in an environment free of microorganisms (clean). Each plant produces a fragment identical to the fragment was taken, but may be genetically modified to have artificial varieties.

cell suspensions

In recent decades it has developed several systems for cultivation of protoplasts, cells, tissues and plant organs, one of which is the suspension culture (cell suspensions), which is a way to maintain and propagate plant cells.

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Description and Manipulation of Cell Suspensions

The cell suspensions free consist of cells and cell clusters distributed over a moving medium. These suspensions may be permanent by continuous supply of nutrients. Culture media for the cultivation of cell suspensions of a wide variety of plants was used developed by MS medium Murashige and Skoog (1962) for tissue culture snuff, as well as B-5 medium of Gamborg et al. (1968). Also used other means, but its composition does not differ much from the above. Often, the best means of induction and callus growth from primary explants are not the same as for establishment of cell suspensions, the optimal level of auxins and cytokinins, eg may be different ( Torrey et al. , 1961). Sometimes suspension cells need organic supplements, amino acids, CH, yeast extract, and AC, the most widely used auxin is 2,4-D. Initiation of suspension cell suspensions are generally initiated by incubation of friable callus pieces in liquid media that are in continuous motion. Erlenmeyer flasks are commonly used, which is deposited in the liquid medium with callus pieces dispersed in to fill about 1/5 of the ability to cough bottles, these are then placed in incubation on a rotary shaker at 80-150 rpm under continuous light and 25 C temperature. By subculturing weekly, cell suspensions are set after several days. During the first subcultures is advisable to use a low dilution ratio (eg. 1:1 to 1:4) using four parts of fresh medium per part of cell suspension. Then you can use a higher dilution rate, according to the purpose for which the suspension has been established.

In the broadest sense, the plant tissue culture is defined as a very heterogeneous set of techniques that have in common the fact that an explant -that is, a separate part of the plant, such as protoplasts , cells , tissues or organs – is aseptically grown in artificial media of defined chemical composition and incubated under controlled environmental conditions. These techniques behind can be used as tools for plant micropropagation , rapid spread of clones , removal of viruses and diseases, production of haploids , protoplast isolation and utilization, embryo culture, production of phytochemicals , genetic engineering , mutationand cell selection, production of synthetic seeds and basic studies of anatomy, development, physiology and plant nutrition.

Tissue culture starts with the microscopic dissection of the plant under strict hygienic conditions in order to transfer an actively growing tissue (meristematic tissue) with safety and cleanliness in a sterile container without introducing micro pollutants.

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