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What If Im Shy? Forget The Underwear! An Entrepreneurs Guide To Getting Noticed In A Noisy Marketplace


Its tough to be an entrepreneur when youre shy. Entrepreneurs are like performers. Were always on stage and were always selling something.

Like many performers when you catch them off the stage, Johnny Carson was, according to many who knew him well, shy. Painfully shy. And yet, there are also many accounts of people feeling intimidated by him.

“The shy man does have some slight revenge upon society for the torture it inflicts upon him. He is able, to a certain extent, to communicate his misery. He frightens other people as much as they frighten him.” Jerome K. Jerome, Author

So, you feel too shy to ask for the sale and prospects feel intimidated by you. Not a formula for a successful business.

Im shy. (Except when Im not.) I remember when I was a kid, having my mom call me, Tsufit, Come say hi. I refused to come into the living room to meet her friends. I was too shy.

When I was in my 20s, I was spending a summer in my hometown and performing at a local outdoor caf. Id sit there and sing my pretty little songs, till one day, one of my moms friends came up to me after the show and said, Tsufit, get your face out of the guitar and talk to the audience! I did and next thing you know Im doing standup comedy on national TV!

So, what if youre shy?

Get Over It!

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OK. That was harsh. But true, nonetheless. The way to get over it is to realize that shyness is just discomfort with the situation youre in.

Stage Fright

If you have stage fright, first of all, know that youre not alone. Even in show business, where, by definition, the whole business exists for the purpose of putting on shows, stage fright is rampant. Even the most famous performers, people like Barbra Streisand and Carly Simon, admit to suffering from it.

Theres stage fright and theres stage fright. One kind is the pounding you get in your chest before you step onto the stage. Thats normal and often doesnt go away till youre up there and connecting with the people. Dont let it stop you from stepping onto the stage.

“Its natural to have butterflies. The secret is to get them to fly in formation.” Walter Cronkite

The other kind of stage fright, the dry mouth, cant breathe kind, can be a problem. It happens to most of us once in a while, usually when were intimidated by our audience. I remember singing a song I hadnt quite perfected to a panel of radio programmers for critique and was surprised that the pounding in my chest never really went away. Thats why people give the picture them in their underwear advice, so you wont be intimidated.

Forget the Underwear!

I think the answer has nothing to do with underwear. The answer is to always speak in your own voice. Its about connecting with your audience. And its about choosing your surroundings.

Change the Setting

When I was in grade nine, my dad took a sabbatical in Illinois, which meant that I had to spend the last year of Junior High in a new school. In Biology class, the tables were arranged in a big hollowed out square and everyone faced everyone and it was very comfortable. Every morning at 9 A.M., I was the Tsufit I am today funny, confident, engaging and modest.

But every afternoon, in French class, I was a mouse. Shy, nervous, uncomfortable. The desks were arranged in traditional row style and I was behind, since in Canada we had not yet learned written French. I got Ds on my first few tests.

Same person, same school, many of the same kids in both classes, but every day, two different personalities. I later felt the same discomfort as a lawyer working in downtown law firms.

Its my experience that labeling yourself shy is inaccurate and misleading. If you change the setting to a situation youre comfortable in, youll be surprised to find your shyness fall away.

One more showbiz trick to overcome the shyness. Step into character.

Step into Character

I can sing in front of 1500 people in an amphitheater, but ask me to pull out a guitar and entertain eight friends at a party and I wont do it. It happened recently. Had lunch at a friends house. She played piano for us and asked me to sing. No way, Jos. Like many performers, I need some distance between me and the audience. When I walk on stage, I step into my character and then its not me thats vulnerable up there, its Performer Barbie. Of course, Im still me and of course, I still connect, but its the distance that helps me overcome the feeling of being naked up there.

Bottom Line?

Youre not a kid in school anymore. As an entrepreneur, you get to choose where you hang out and with whom. Choose wisely and youll never (Ok, hardly ever) be shy again!

About the Author: TSUFIT is a coach specializing in helping entrepreneurs and keynote speakers to captivate their audiences. To learn how to attract, rather than chase, your clients and prospects, check out Tsufits 11 Secrets from the Spotlight!, available at


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How To Write A Professional Summary For Your Resume

By Maxwell Hurst

In today’s competitive job market, employers relay on well-written resumes to screen potential candidates. In many instances, employers look through job search web sites, such as or, to find professionals with skills, education and experience that fit their needs. These employment search web sites, along with many companies’ own online applications, require candidates to upload their resume in order to express interest in a specific opportunity. Without an opportunity to send a personal email, or a cover letter, you have to make sure that your resume expresses your personality in addition to listing your professional and educational experiences and achievements. To do so, you can include a professional profile or summary at the beginning of your resume that allows you to market yourself through a narrative. This section allows your potential employers to learn something unique about you and your career, as well as get a good feel of your communication skills.

To write an effective summary, you should first understand what information should not be communicated in your resume. While a summary provides an insight into what is unique and competitive about you, it is not a place for you to indicate any personal information that does not relate to your career. Information such as ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and affiliations, etc. should be left out of your resume. While descriptive of who you are, this information is not relevant to your potential employer in order to pre-screen your qualifications for their opportunity. Additionally, the summary should not contain your previous professional experience, unless you can clearly demonstrate how such background can be of value in your future career development. Beware of generic statements, such as ‘I am well organized and detail oriented.’ Employers want to hear your unique voice and get a sense of your communication skills while reading the summary portion of your resume. Using generalizations about your abilities will make the employers believe that you are either a poor communicator or are using such statements to fill up space on your resume.

Your summary should be in form of a short paragraph or bulleted statements, containing only several sentences. There isn’t a sentence limit, but as a rule do not take up more than one quarter of the page. Your summary should begin by a headline that summarizes your professional title and/or your professional statement. Emphasize your title by featuring the headline in bold and larger font, as it allows your potential employer to grasp who you are quickly. For example:

Financial Planning Professional

Achieved Double-Digit Return for All Clients through Well-Balanced Financial Portfolios

It is important that this title is well crafted, as it is the first impression your potential employer will have of you.

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There are three things a well-written summary should address:

– Your experiences and skills as they relate to your idea job

– What you can bring to the organization and the open position that no other candidate can

– Your professional goals.

Even though your resume summary is written by you, it should be composed in third person, in present tense. Think of it as a summary of what one of your best colleagues would say about your professional achievements. Reinforce your title, and sell only the experiences and skills that meet your career objective. If you have multiple career objectives, such as you wish to get a position in either marketing or public relations, develop separate resume summaries for each of the objectives. A summary can also contain a brief bulleted section highlighting only a few vital competitive skills that you bring to the table. An example of an effective summary would be as follows:

Successful financial planning professional with over 15 years of personal and retirement planning experience. Managed a small financial planning firm, achieving double-digit financial returns for all clients by developing personalized investment portfolios. Leader in development and professional growth of four other financial planners in the firm through effective and motivating mentoring strategies.

Key competencies include:

o Personalized portfolio development

o Financial forecasting

o Retirement portfolio management

o Development on-going professional growth strategies

Much like your overall resume, your summary should be well-written and error-free. Make sure to review your summary, and customize as necessary for the various opportunities of interest. An effective summary will help you ‘hook’ your employer; it should sell you as a primary candidate for the job, leaving your employer with a great first impression of you.

About the Author: Let Maxwell Hurst uncover the secrets of Job Aquisition for you. With his expert assistance You Too can land the Job of your Dreams! Job Search Portal


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Senior Softball Player Hits First Home Run

Senior Softball Player Hits First Home Run



It was a cool, bright, morning. The Goodyear Blimp was flying overhead making its way toward the Waste Management Open Golf Tournament in Phoenix. Little did the pilot know that another monumental sports feat was about to happen at the Valle de Oro ball field in East Mesa, Arizona.

On that beautiful day, Sally Marks, at the ripe ole age of 55, hit her first home run for her team, the Stingers. All my close friends and family were told as quickly as I could get the word out. In fact if I had the money to have the blimp fly a banner behind it to celebrate the occasion, I certainly would have done so.

Hitting a home run in softball has been on my Bucket List of things I wanted to do before I die, for many years. I ve been playing senior women s softball for five years, and the closest I ve come to a homer was when I hit two triples in one game, four years ago. I played ball when I was in junior high and high school, and I never hit a home run in the six years I played. In fact, I don t even think I hit a homer when I played in the front yard with my brother and neighborhood chums. But, let s get this story back to the current century.

YouTube Preview Image

Lately, I have had poopy little hits that never see the green grass of the outfield. In fact, I have not hit anything better than a single all season long. But today was different.

I began my day much as I have in other games. I hit a ground ball to short stop twice. Once I beat it out for a single, the other time they nailed me. However, when I went up to bat the next time, I recalled a dream I had the night before. I can t remember the details, but the crux of it was to use anger as fuel to hit the ball. Since I m a pretty good-natured person, this isn t always easy for me. But this time I decided to put my nocturnal messages to good use.

There were two outs and no one on base. I stood at the plate and thought of a scenario that made me angry real angry. As I waited for the right pitch, I growled under my breath. I am not sure if the catcher or umpire could hear me, but I did this loud enough that I could hear myself. I swung hard and connected with the ball. It sailed into center field. I ran hard to first base. The fielder missed the ball and it rolled past her. I had to keep going. I rounded second and Shirley, the third base coach, motioned for me to keep going. I ran toward her, fully expecting her to have me stop with a triple. But she didn t. She waved for me to keep going. Not one to argue, I picked up the pace and crossed the plate with time to spare.

Everyone on the team came out to congratulate me. I jumped up and down with delight. Everyone joked that the Goodyear Blimp was there to witness this historical occasion. My homer sparked a two-out rally and more runs were scored, although I can t tell you how many. The next time I was up to bat, I saw something I had never witnessed before. The fielders saw me and backed up a few feet. I was in heaven. I hit another good hit, as did several of our players. We played our best game ever and won 15-0.

Ironically, two days ago in our game before the tournament, the Stingers were stinkers. We couldn t hit, we bobbled the ball and made errors that looked like they came straight out of a Three Stooges movie. But, just as in life, we put it behind us and moved forward.

After our first victory in the tournament, we played a second game against our arch rivals, The Desert Stars. We won again! That puts us 2 and 0 for the tournament. If it doesn t rain tomorrow, we will be at it again. We just might win our first tournament.

Okay, you may ask. What is the morale of this story?

I thought about writing about using anger in a positive way. I also thought about a little ditty on friendship or the power of perseverance. Any of these topics would work. But somehow I don t want to elaborate on that.

I just want to tell everyone that I hit a home run today and I m one happy ball player. It may have taken five and a half decades, but I did it. And I just wanted to celebrate this moment with all of you. And also to let you know that it is never too late to achieve your dreams. So never, ever, pull yourself out of the game. Hang in there and keep on swinging no matter what.

Sally Marks is the president of Marks Public Relations and the co-author of the self-help book, Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within. Check out her blog at

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Why Article Marketing Is So Popular?

Why article marketing is so popular?


richie max

Why article marketing is so popular?

Many of my friends who are doing their own business once asked me this question. My answer is quite simple, because it works well. In fact, you can barely find better way than this to promote your business. Let s view the advantages it can take to us.

Pre Sell in Stead of Hard Sell

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In my eyes, sales can be made easily if you give your potential customer enough time to learn about your company and product. Only basis on this, your customer will feel glad to purchase from you. Article marketing gives you this great opportunity to pre sell the potential customer and teaches them about your product. Besides, compare to hard sell like telephone marketing, article marketing will unlikely to cause inconvenience to your customer.

Acquire Long Term Traffic

Believe or not, one of my friends even still makes sales through articles written by him 2 years ago. According to this example you can find article marketing will bring you long-term targeted traffic out of your imagination. Once your readers begin to favor your articles, you will become an expert in their eyes and they will share and forward your articles to friends. After having these numerous fans, you will not need to worry about the sales any more.

Original Method Also Works

Though we find article marketing is such a great way to promote your product, it does not fit everyone in the world. I make a living by selling software on Internet; article marketing is only an option for me. My own method to do software promotion is to submit my software to download sites with submission software. This is a kind of robot software which will work 100% automatically. Since using this software submission tool, my sales increased dramatically.


Through this article, we can figure out why article marketing is so popular in recent years. First, you can pre sell your customer without disturbing them. Second, by doing the right article marketing, you can get long-term and targeted traffic to increase your sales. Please leave your comment if there are any questions.

Author is a senior software writer. Now, aim in serving independent software writers selling software through the use of PAD Submit Worker, a great tool to do software promotion.

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